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  • His research interests and areas of competence include semantic information retrieval, entity-centric search, and P2P semantic search. He has co-authored several papers on topics related to semantic document classification, semantic search and p2p semantic search, which were presented at internationally recognized journals, conferences and workshops such as WWWJ, ECDL, ESWC, ICSD, SemSearch, and DESWeb.
  • In the CUbRIK project, he studied how human computation and crowdsourcing techniques can be used to collect entity-centric knowledge and improve semantic (entity-centric) information retrieval techniques.
  • Most recently, also motivated by the CUbRIK project, he started developing the Entity Query Language (EQL). EQL extends relational databases with semantic entity search. In particular, it allows to combine concept search on free text entity attributes with spatial search on geographic locations of these entities. OpenStreetMap is used as a source of geographical information.

Igor Street View

  • 360-degree panoramic video recorded from my motorbike
2013.06.11 - Arriving at work 
2013.06.30 - Trento Bondone 
2013.06.11 - Arriving at work - little planet mode